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Gay Sitges 2014 - A gay day in Spain

Sitges - Europe's Gay Party Capital

gay guys in Sitges

For those who have never been to Sitges, I’m writing this diary entry about my amazing experience here in sunny Sitges.

On the train to Sitges

My day started off leaving my lovely apartment in Barcelona that I rented in the heart of the city after a long night out on the town meeting loads of beautiful people (a little too much). I’m knocking the dust off and going to hop on the Renfe train and go to a little seaside town called Sitges. I was told last night at a bar I think was called Botanic, that Sitges is a hedonistic hideaway with great beaches, and an even better nightlife.

So there I was on the train and just 30 minutes from Sants station I arrived to Sitges. I walked past amazing modernist style architecture on my way to my next accommodation. Most of the streets are narrow and pedestrian only which made it even more quaint. I walked down calle Bonaire and looked around to see a bar called Queenz, that said to me, I’m in the right place, only to see above it Bears Bar... wow those BCN boys where right, I’m at home! I get down to the end of the street and there it is, the Mediterranean sea, sun beaming, and gorgeous boys from all ends of the earth, here with me.

Sitges Gay Beach

I find the apartment, and it’s fabulous! Right in front of the beach, I can see what my check-in agent said was the gay beach showers... I’ll be buying myself some binoculars! Ok, so I unpack, put on some beachwear that is going to make heads turn. Oiled up I head down to the beach, the beach is packed... literally, tons of bodies in and out of the water, all either sleeping off last night or laughing with friends. I get myself a bed and lay down and decide to post a photo of all the beautiful boys around me. The next thing I know I have this gorgeous guy asking me to take a picture of him and his friends, I say “yes”, before I even knew what hit me. Apparently some are from the states, and the one I’ve got my eye on is from Brazil! After a few hours chatting away getting the in’s and outs of gay Sitges, Ronaldo offers to show me around the village, and I accept to be tourist in Sitges for a day. Ronaldo tells me we should meet at 6 for a after-beach drink at Parrots because it’s where everyone goes to get the night started.

I head back to my sea front apartment in Sitges, can you believe it, Sitges, I thought I had seen it all, from Mykonos to Ibiza, but this place is magic. I get back to the apartment, put some music on and start to get ready. Just before I leave the apartment, I head outside and take a deep breath and really feel good about where I am at, at this very moment.

Parrots Terrace SitgesWell, it’s 6:15 and I’m heading down to Parrots (it’s just rude to show up on time;)). Ronaldo and the boys are there to greet me with open arms, and so is the staff. I order my V&T, and look over and see this drag queen in a massive swimsuit. We make eye contact, and before you know it, I have Lady Diamond on my knee singing about her day on the Sitges beach, what an afternoon! After a few more massive vodkas, Ronaldo and I set out on our around Sitges tour.

Along the Sitges promenade we head to the iconic Sitges church, we head up the steps and take a look and a few pictures below the church, and of the panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile Ronaldo explains to me a little about Sitges, that it used to be a haunt for artists from the turn of the 20 century, and that a lot of wealthy Catalonian families sent their sons with certain ‘likes’ to Sitges, to avoid the prying eye of Barcelona when dating the same sex was not so well seen in this part of the world (or any at that time). He also said that after the Olympics in Barcelona, and that the tunnel that was built turned this from a seaside village that could only be reached by the coastal highway, into a booming town.

Balmins Gay BeachWe arrive down to the San Sebastian beach where Ronaldo tells me that just another 5 minute walk towards the Aguadolce port there’s a nudist beach called Balmins beach. Now I don’t mind tan lines, but Ronaldo assures me that you can go there and wear swimwear, and that the beach has a great atmosphere (well noted).

I’m feeling a bit peckish but Ronaldo tells me that people in Spain don’t eat until 10 at least! Well we’re going to have to find somewhere for a quick bite then, We head back to the downtown center of Sitges, where there, Ronaldo shows me a restaurant that starts serving at 7. I have a nice bottle of local white wine, and some fresh sea bream... gorgeous!

After dinner we head back to center of town where we go for a quick drink and all of the little streets are packed with bronzed skin from all walks of life.. after that it starts to get a bit hazey in between dancing the night away in Queenz, then heading god-knows-where, and waking up at noon the next day with one hell of a smile on my face 

I will be back to Sitges, not only for the kindness of the people that I met, but the really positive feeling I get from the town itself. I will probably reutrn for Sitges Pride in June!

See you soon Sitges.

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